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Vacation anyone?

ECJ Luxe Yachts is here to help you plan the perfect getaway to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, The Keys, and various Bahamian islands. If you ever imagined swimming with pigs or diving off the back of a super mega yacht , then your dreams can come true with ECJ Luxe Yachts. Our crew works tirelessly to ensure a safe and luxurious experience for anyone that decides to take a journey with us!

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or upcoming special occasion? Whether it’s a romantic dinner cruise in Exuma or a day of swimming in Nassau, we can provide you with the perfect charter that will create lasting memories.

Here are 4 Places in the Bahamas to Visit with ECJ Luxe Yachts

Exuma – "Known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, Exuma is the perfect destination for snorkeling or swimming with sea turtles."

Nassau – "A vibrant city full of culture and history, this capital of the Bahamas offers plenty to explore on land as well as the chance to snorkel or dive in coral reefs."

Eleuthera – "An idyllic spot for those looking for a peaceful vacation, Eleuthera is known for its long stretch of pink sand beaches and swaying palm trees."

Paradise Island – " Enjoy the luxury of this private island, with plenty of activities on offer including golfing, swimming and sailing."


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